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Infection Prevention Basics for the Myofunctional Therapist

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Bridging the Gap Beyond the Basics Webinar: Tele-Therapy For The Orofacial Myologist Using Minimal Props

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Bridging the Gap Beyond the Basics: Assessment, Treatment and Protocol of Tethered Oral Tissues for the OMT and The Oral Habit Elimination Webinars

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What people are saying about our webinars!


"Concisely presented.   Thank you for providing a thorough continuing education course on infection prevention."

5 Stars


Minimal Props for tele-therapy

"I learned several new ways of using standard items for orofacial myofunctional therapy and I appreciate you bringing back the basics. "

5 stars

Kimberly:  "What a great CEU…..thank you ladies!!!!!" 


"Due to COVID-19 I have had to move my practice to online therapy, not something I was looking forward to doing, but this course helped me gain more confidence with my online evaluations, knowing what to look for and how to prepare the client.  Thank you!"  5-Stars


 "Excellent Course; The course gives you the background of tele-therapy. You will learn the platforms that are HIPPA compliant for tele-therapy. This course if very informative on learning to use house hold props for therapy exercises and the instructors also make sure to add which muscles are being engaged. I would recommend this course. "  5-Stars


"Excellent material! A very well articulated PowerPoint.  I really enjoyed learning more about TOTs. I will be able to incorporate what I have learned into my new Orofacial Myotherapy business."

"Great course!  I wasn’t sure I should spend the money but I felt it was well worth it.  I thought it was a bonus to go through a sample of your process.  This made me feel more confident about going forward with a tele-therapy assessment."

 I appreciate the documents at the end as well.   5-Stars

Marilyn:  "Very Informative."    5-Stars

Christy: "Misty is an amazing instructor.  She is very informative and has great advice that I will be using in my OMT business."  5-Stars 

Honor - 5-Stars

Fabi:   "Very helpful with handy tips.   I appreciate the references.  Thank you"  5-Stars

Rebecca:  "Your webinar has been amazing for the fact of I'm realizing frenectomy therapy is needed so often! I'm one of those people who like to know as much as possible so I can be as confident as possible.  The world of myology has been very eye opening to me and I can't wait to get it started."

 Rebecca: "This class has cleared so much up for me as I have just recently completed my 28 hour course. I suggested it to my all the people in my course!   Job well done!"

 Caryn: "This is GREAT"

"Just finished your webinar and it was very helpful.  Loved the videos!  I can start using this information right away.  It was great!"